A Favorite By Many Cancer Survivors

Who is Dee Gardner.

Dee Gardner is a Wellness Counselor, Author, Certified Licensed Social Worker, and the Founder of DRTG Supportive Offerings, LLC. Dee also happens to be one of Baltimore's most sought after Breast Cancer Survivor Motivational Speakers. After successfully battling Breast Cancer two times, Dee authored a book appropriately titled, Living With The "C" & Behind The Scene, a true story of victory over her struggles, written to inspire, strengthen and encourage hope and faith to those diagnosed with breast cancer, and, those dealing with other devastating life circumstances.

It was the buzz and success of the Living with the "C "& Behind the Scene that caught the attention of several hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and media outlets, including GBMC, Urban One Radio, and the favorite television show, All Things Baltimore. These public appearances opened the doors for Dee to engage in speaking engagements and workshop opportunities, which led to Dee birthing her "Behind the Scene "C" Wellness Motivational Program and the Popular "Behind the Scene" Facebook Platform.

Dee has been featured in:

"Living with the “C” is an honest and empowering memoir of bravery, hope, love, and faith in the Lord. Deirdre Gardner’s novel reveals her incredible courage in the face of this dreadful disease, and how she never let it defeat her, or define who she is. She made a choice to live! It also prompts us to always keep our faith that God will create a path for us to get through our toughest battles. I would highly recommend purchasing, and reading this book, especially to anyone fighting a similar medical condition. I pray for continued good health and fortune for the author and her loved ones and commend her on her accomplishments."


James McElligott

New York State Court Officer

Rockland County, NY


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