I've had the opportunity to walk with hundreds of individuals and families while traveling on their own personal journeys towards healing and victory.

Healing/Victory is a process that takes time, takes work, and is reachable. I consider it an honor lending an ear, facilitating grown, and helping you celebrate the strength and courage in you in the midst of the unexpected.

There's no price tag on healing and victory, which is why I work with individuals where they're comfortable, willing, and able to be. We can schedule a call, meet in person, or you can participate in my Facebook live group sessions. Come as you are and leave able

"Listening to you speak about your vision board, shined a light on my situation.  When my husband passed, I became stagnant.  Although, I have come a long way since November of 2017; I know, I still have a long way to go.  Thank you for the little push that I needed...I am writing the vision for my vision board; “write the vision, make it plain.”  Again, thank you; you are awesome!



It starts with you.

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