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Ruth Hurt, an entrepreneur who has successfully developed three businesses and several multi streams of income,  is often called upon by fellow entrepreneurs, the “Multi-Stream Queen!”
Ruth started her first business at the tender age of 19 while attending college, and it was then that she learned the importance of using a job to finance her business opportunities and ventures.
Becoming a single parent at a young age,  Ruth grasped the struggle and  realized that she would have to enter into and remain in the workforce to take her children; however, Ruth would not dare give up her dream.   For many years Ruth struggled working two jobs, yet continued scaling her transportation business and adding on other ventures along the way, including real estate investing and retail distributing.  While Ruth endured the hurt, she credits it for providing her the passion and drive she needed to become a success and is grateful that she hurts no more.
Ruth's test indeed became her testimony, Ruth's two children are grown and successful in their own rites, and Ruth's multi streams of income continues to flourish.
Ruth's passion now is to leave a legacy for her growing family by continuing to manage her business', start a non-profit foundation, "Hurt No More," and to teach others how to become Multi-Stream Queens and Kings!
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